Eyeglass Distribution

At Bloom India, we take the health and care of our students seriously. Thanks to you and your support, we conducted the first health screening at Bloom Mercy School this year. Health screenings are not common at schools for underprivileged children, so we are glad to offer this important service. Dr. John Kuryan, one of […]

Success Story Of STEM classes

Manish is in the 2nd grade and attends classes at a Bloom STEM Center twice a week. Hisfather works as a street sweeper and his mother passed away last year in an accident. Hehas one younger sister in Kindergarten. Due to the strict COVID lockdowns, Manish did not attend school for almost two years. Hestruggled […]

Kavita & Manju – A proud mother celebrates her daughter’s graduation

Kavita, like most mothers, always hoped for a bright future for all her children. She has especially high hopes for her bright and studious daughter, Manju. Like all mothers, she wants her children to be safe, healthy, and have a good education. Unfortunately, her circumstances are very difficult, and this affects every aspect of her […]

Chitra and Ekta: Hope for a Better Future

Raul worked in the stone quarry to provide for his wife and 2 daughters, Chitra and Ekta.  He worked very long hours, without any protective equipment just so he could make ends meet.  There were always accidents and injuries arising in the quarry but this is an industry where exploitation of the poor is common […]

Ashish and Amit: Freedom from Child Labor

The beauty of polished granite and sandstone is stunning and has the look and feel of elegance.  The stone quarries where the granite comes from is a less than alluring sight. The laborers are often from poor low-caste families wearing little or no protective gear inhaling dust and chemicals.  They work for long hours, often […]

Asha: A single mother’s dream comes true

Asha is an excellent student and in 8th grade at Bloom India Primary School.  She is a happy and healthy young girl and the apple of her mother’s eye.  Her mother, Heema, always dreamed big dreams for her daughter, but she wasn’t sure if they would ever amount to anything more than just a dream. […]

Looking Back at the Lockdown

It was a dramatic announcement, but absolutely necessary. The Prime Minister of India announced a nationwide lockdown, limiting the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India, as a preventive measure against the Covid 19 pandemic. Total lockdown meant a complete stop to the economy and all business activities. It meant a complete stop to people being […]

40 Days of Love

For one of the few times in her life, Roopa has experienced great joy during this past season of forced lockdown amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. While the rest of us watch the news, obsessed with flattening the curve, N95 masks, the risk of community spread, and a hundred other worries, Roopa has been able to […]