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Chitra and Ekta: Hope for a Better Future

Raul worked in the stone quarry to provide for his wife and 2 daughters, Chitra and Ekta.  He worked very long hours, without any protective equipment just so he could make ends meet.  There were always accidents and injuries arising in the quarry but this is an industry where exploitation of the poor is common and their safety and wellbeing falls on deaf ears.

One day, Raul went to work just like every other day but there was a terrible accident and he lost one of his eyes.  The work of the rock quarry is all he ever knew, and now he could no longer work.

A severe physical injury can be a disadvantage for anyone. When you come from a poor disadvantaged background, any disability or injury is crippling.  Their mother, Farha, was forced to look for work and began working as a housemaid.

The Principal of Bloom India Primary School came across Chitra and Ekta’s family in one of his field visits.  He was well aware that as debts continue to pile up and mouths still have to be fed, sometimes the only option is for the children to also start working.

There is no extra money for day to day needs much less to pay for the tuition to send children to school.  Principal Gerard offered them admission to Bloom India and the opportunity to change their lives and future.

Chitra and Ekta are both at Bloom India Primary School and are excellent students.  Chitra is excelling and is at the top of her 5th-grade class.  Her aim is now to continue to study and to have a career so she can provide for her family.  She would have only known life as a laborer, but now her future is filled with possibility!

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