Asha: A single mother’s dream comes true

Asha is an excellent student and in 8th grade at Bloom India Primary School.  She is a happy and healthy young girl and the apple of her mother’s eye.  Her mother, Heema, always dreamed big dreams for her daughter, but she wasn’t sure if they would ever amount to anything more than just a dream.

Heema is a single mother and tried to provide as best as she could for Asha.  Being a parent is often a thankless, and selfless 24-hour job, 365 days of the year. Being a single parent you face so many burdens alone.

In India, regardless of how they became a single mother, there is a social stigma that arises and the mother is looked down upon and sometimes isolated.  A single mother who is impoverished can also be highly vulnerable to being victimized physically and financially.  It is often the case that because of a lack of skills and the need to provide for themselves and their children that they can become indebted slaves as laborers.  Heema earned a meager livelihood by grazing the cows of the wealthy landlords in her village.

Heema would often take Asha with her to the fields to graze the cows.  Although she wanted a better life for Asha, she could not afford to send her to school.  As they walked through the filthy fields, Heema would worry about Asha’s future and what would become of her once Heema was gone.

During one of these walks, they met Principal Gerard, who was doing an outreach program in their village.  He shared about Bloom India Primary School and the benefits of a good education.  Asha was offered admission and Heema didn’t hesitate to think twice.

Asha’s life would have been one of vulnerability, victimization, and struggle. Today, the trajectory of their lives has completely changed. Asha can continue to thrive and make her mother proud.

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