Success Story Of STEM classes

Manish is in the 2nd grade and attends classes at a Bloom STEM Center twice a week. His
father works as a street sweeper and his mother passed away last year in an accident. He
has one younger sister in Kindergarten.

Due to the strict COVID lockdowns, Manish did not attend school for almost two years. He
struggled to read and write and understand basic math and science concepts. When the
STEM classes started, he was not even able to write his name in the baseline exam and was
very hesitant to speak in class.

When the STEM teachers introduced activity-based lessons, he started showing interest in
learning. As the teachers interacted with students, he started raising his hand and asking
questions, and then gradually he began to respond to the questions proactively.

Since entering the STEM program, Manish has quickly picked up English vocabulary and is
able to speak in short sentences. His marks in math and science have greatly improved.
Manish’s other teachers report marked advancements in his overall academic performance,
including his concentration, participation, and overall comprehension.

*Name changed for privacy.

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