Eyeglass Distribution

At Bloom India, we take the health and care of our students seriously. Thanks to you and your support, we conducted the first health screening at Bloom Mercy School this year. Health screenings are not common at schools for underprivileged children, so we are glad to offer this important service.

Dr. John Kuryan, one of our board members, conducted a pediatric and dental screening of all 525 students. Volunteers recorded height and weight. Dr. Kuryan inquired about appetite and general health. He reminded them about proper hygiene and caring for their bodies. The doctors also did basic health checks for all the teachers and staff.

It’s easy to take vision for granted, but it is hard to learn when you can’t focus on the blackboard. That is why it was so valuable to conduct our first-ever vision screening. Dr. Jocelyn Kuryan, another board member, and Dr. Veneta, a local optometrist, identified 21 students who needed new eyeglasses. 

The children were so excited to get their new eyeglasses. Thank you for investing in these kids and providing real, tangible improvements in their lives!

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