Update as of 6/17/2021

The 24 ventilators and other critical care equipment arrived safely at our partner hospital. As ambulances waited outside the entrance, they quickly expanded their Covid beds to 1,000 beds.

The food assistance is still underway, as the lockdown keeps getting extended. We expanded digital learning to more students, as it looks like schools will not be allowed to re-open anytime soon. Education for our students is our top priority. We refuse to let them fall further behind.

We are so grateful for your continued commitment to this community! Thank you for your support! More updates to come!


Update as of 5/2/2021

We are now partnering with local hospitals to help them increase their covid patient capacity and acquire critical medical equipment such as ventilators and oxygen concentrators. 

One of our partner hospitals serves 34 million people in the region with compassionate care, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. They expect the largest COVID surge in the next 2-3 weeks.

They are working feverishly to increase its 600 Covid bed capacity to 1,500 beds. This is a huge expansion to face this emergency. For context, Philadelphia hospitals were supporting 200 Covid patients at their peak.

This requires procuring and deploying critical medical devices including 24 ventilators which will cost $525,000.  

Will you get involved today and donate to this life-saving effort?



April 2021 – A 2-week lockdown was just announced, and now most daily wage earners cannot go out to work. Bloom India staff are mobilizing quickly to provide emergency food relief, medical assistance, and expand remote learning to keep our school children on course during the lockdown. Get involved and stay in touch for the most up-to-date information.

Our school parents are mostly daily wage laborers. They work for a few rupees every day, and that is what they use to buy food for their children that day. Any savings and reserves they had were used up during the first lockdown. Some jobs have not returned to full effect, so this year has already been extremely difficult for the working poor. 

Bloom India’s 2020 COVID-19 Relief Efforts:

The global pandemic led to a lockdown in India, creating a dire situation for the most vulnerable. We were on the ground providing supplies and care.

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What We Are Doing

Thanks to your generous support we were able to conduct 3 major food distributions. We were able to provide staple foods to hundreds of families in the community!

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