Sini, 2 nd grade

My name is Sini, and I am in 2 nd grade. I finish my homework in my free time, and then I like to play and paint pictures. I have one older sister in 3rd grade.

I like all the subjects but my favorite subject is Social Studies. My favorite teacher is Miss Pavithra because she is very nice.

I like my school because I have my friends and teachers here, and it feels good. When I go to bed, I think of my school. I love my school because I get to learn so much, study, and also play here.

During the pandemic, we had online classes, but I did not like it so much because I love coming to school and seeing my friends. I missed my school a lot during COVID. The first time I came back to school I felt really happy because I got to see my friends and teachers.

In the future I want to become an athlete. I love to run, and I won a few running competitions at my school. After I grow up, I want to help others who do wrong. Or if they need help in any way, I want to be there for them.

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