Our History

Over the last 10 years, Dennis Mathew and a core team of other supporters and champions, have been raising awareness and  fundraising for important initiatives in India, primarily focused on rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and slavery. 

Through these efforts to provide restoration and rehabilitation, the team recognized that education was one of the keys to breaking the bondage of poverty, injustice, and social discrimination. However, many schools for the underprivileged in India are underfunded and lack the resources to provide true transformational learning. 

In the fall of 2019, they launched Bloom India with the vision to establish 10 schools in 10 years.

A relationship quickly emerged with the founder and headmaster of a school in Bengaluru that is committed to providing a tuition-free education for over 400 local boys and girls, most of whom are first-generation learners. Plans were made for a new kindergarten program, community-based social workers, a new school meal program, and renovated facilities.

In 2020, COVID-19 hit India, and Bloom India quickly pivoted to go beyond just education and provide for the school families’ health and wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic, Bloom India has provided over 70,000 pounds of food, 50,000 masks, 24 ICU ventilators, and other critical care equipment to community members and partner hospitals. 

Bloom India also quickly launched a digital education program, so students can learn safely from home. To date, we have distributed over 200 tablets and laptops and all our students communicate daily with their teachers. Our graduates have all passed their rigorous board exams and are pursuing continuing education. 

Bloom India has also partnered with Darsha Academy, an innovative math- and science-based tuition-free pre-university course. Darsha Academy’s vision is to prepare resilient young women for leadership and community transformation through education and character development. 

Here at Bloom India, we know that Education IS Freedom. We are committed to the long-term health and education of our students. By breaking the bondage of poverty, injustice, and social discrimination, we can truly transform children’s lives and their entire community.