Rupai is a 60 years old widow.  She lives with her son, her daughter in law and two grandchildren. Rupa’s daughter is very sick and unable to work.   Rupa’s son is blind in one eye, but he is the sole provider of the household. He works as a day laborer in the stone quarry working long hours chiseling and cutting stones without goggles or any other protective gear.  The long hard days result in about 150 rupees or what equates to $2-3 dollars a day. Because of the lockdown in India he is no longer able to work and his entire family was dependent on whatever he used to earn.

As a day laborer, if you work the day then you can earn money for that day and try to put food on the table.  Without the ability to work there is no job security and much less food security. There is ability to stock up because there was barely enough for the day.  Rupa said they did not have any more food in their house or any money left to try to buy anything more. She came personally to collect the food provisions given by Bloom India on Saturday.  Now, they do not have to worry if they are going to go hungry and will have enough food to eat during the lockdown.

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