“Ma’am, there are people around me suffering without food or their daily needs. I want to help them, but I’m not able to do it. I have seen some children being in the garbage, and I sometimes feed them biscuits or something…. But, I’m not able to do much enough for them.”

These are the heartbreaking words from one of our Bloom High School students, Anita.  Anita is also very poor and comes from a highly impoverished area that has been significantly impacted because of the lockdown.

She comes from a single parent household where her mother worked hard selling goods door to door to earn a living.  Her mother is no longer allowed outside the house because of the lockdown and so she is also struggling to make ends meet.

Anita is at home now waiting for the lockdown to be over so she can resume her studies once again. She is one of the 20 students that were selected to be a part of our Bloom High School, which is a pre-university or bridge degree program for 11th and 12th grade students that helps students prepare for University. Our pre-university program provides high quality education because this phase of school also dictates which type of professional course you will be eligible for.

Underprivileged and impoverished girls are at high-risk for trafficking, adolescent marriage and forced labor. Their families cannot provide the day-to-day necessities, much less afford additional education.

Often, out of necessity to make ends meet, these girls will have to stop their schooling to help provide for their families. Through Bloom High School, these girls will receive an excellent comprehensive curriculum so they can compete in the highest mainstream professional courses.

Anita’s struggles in life have not made her bitter, but rather has shaped her heart and character to become a compassionate young lady. Even though her own family is struggling she is trying to figure out how to also help others in need.

She cares because she has faced the same troubles of not knowing if she would have enough food to eat or if her mother would be able to make enough for them to survive.

Bloom India is helping to provide for our school families during this lockdown with necessary food. Your support allows these families to not worry about food insecurity but to have a future of abundance and hope.

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