Anand is a migrant laborer who lives with his wife, two children and his elderly mother. He works as a day laborer in the stone quarries and is the sole provider for the whole family.

Anand often works for long hours at the stone quarry, sometimes for over 10 hours a day just to make about $2-$3 dollars each day.

He usually would go to the store immediately after work, so he could buy food for his family for the next day. On March 25, 2020, India announced a nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus. That was the last day Anand has been able to work and earn any money.

Being a daily wage earner means literally living day to day off what they are paid for the day. If they do not work, then there is no money for food or other provisions.

People who have savings can stock up for a lockdown, but day laborers live meal to meal. Anand’s family relies on his job at the quarry to provide the necessities they need.

His family was caught off guard by the lockdown and what would become of them in the days to come. Anand told Bloom India staff that his family had resigned themselves to starve.

Bloom India’s support of essential food came right in the midst of their moment of need. Now Anand can be happy to know that his family has the food they need during this lockdown.

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